Oil Fired Vacuum Boiler Dealer

Oil Fired Vacuum Boiler Dealer

Recently, Luoyang City, Henan Province, pollution prevention campaign of the leading group issued a document required to carry out the transformation of low nitrogen gas fired vacuum boiler dealer. Specific content: 10 before the end of the year, within the city steam 4 tons / hour and a gas boiler, and above all the installation of direct-fired burners low nitrogen, 3.5% oxygen in the transformation reference, more than 75% boiler load condition next, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emission concentration not higher than 5 mg / m, 10 mg / m, 50 mg / m. To complete the transformation of nitrogen oxide emissions monitoring, to wriggle out of the gas boiler outage low nitrogen transformation. After the new gas boiler should be installed low nitrogen burners.

Characteristics of different types of vacuum Phase change fired vacuum boiler dealers

According to fuel classification, vacuum phase change boiler is the most important method at present, which is convenient for people to choose and buy. With the deepening of industrialization and the increase of people's demand, vacuum phase change boilers account for more and more shares in the market. The characteristics of different types of vacuum phase change boilers determine its most suitable position. Based on this situation, we should understand its classification and other characteristics in order to make the right choice. We will now tell you about the characteristics of different types of vacuum phase change boilers. Vacuum phase change boiler can also be called vacuum boiler, whose working principle is vacuum and phase change. According to the fuel, it can be divided. There are four categories, but three of them can be divided into one class, so the following two categories are divided into two categories, and the characteristics of each class are described.

Selection of vacuum hot water fired vacuum boiler dealer need to provide any information to buy things usually have a demand will buy, buy boilers, too, when you buy a boiler we should be how to buy the right boiler products? This chapter focuses on the information give you the selection of vacuum hot water boiler needs to be provided under the description which includes: 1, the first user to get a clear demand, such as customer needs but also one that is capable of heating boilers to heat bath, plus city based on the principles of environmental protection, we do not allow the use of coal as a fuel so we can choose the range is gas heating hot water boiler. 2, to determine the amount of tonnage of the boiler needs just like grocery shopping, like power boiler is to distinguish products based on the size of tonnage, it will need to provide a clear customer need heating area ah, daily water consumption such as these, these we have to select the appropriate tonnage, such as the customer's bath has an area of ​​almost 5,000 square meters, 5,000 square meters of heating needs, then we can choose four tons of gas boiler. 3, according to the local terrain to choose our country due to the vast area, so some high altitude air pressure is relatively low, so in terms of heating customers also need to consider these issues, and atmospheric gas boilers in the boiler does not apply to these areas, and so customers can choose a vacuum boiler, the boiler is in a negative state, it can be used no matter where you are, and will not be affected. 4, based on the estimated cost of the development of their own to buy due to the different boiler manufacturers, many small manufacturers have a lot of cheap products, but small manufacturers for aftermarket and quality are not guaranteed, so many customers have budget constraints how to solve it? Very simple, and now some of the boiler industry, big brands are doing activities such as Henan party soon have to order first and then use the process of using the installment, and will not have any impact on the issue of the aftermarket, so we carefully forget before the need to use the time of purchase, not some small boiler plant expensive. These are the customers before buying the boiler need to know, specifically more detailed technical information, please consult the online engineer.

Similarities and differences vacuum hot water fired vacuum boiler dealer and hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler in this analysis of the current one, the use of a vacuum hot water boiler and pressure hot water boiler are many, then vacuum hot water boiler and pressure hot water boiler What are the similarities and differences between it? Now, Xiao Bian take you a simple analysis. (1) Selection of the auxiliary pressure hot water boiler configuration are relatively stringent, the preferred option, and therefore the probability of failure will be relatively small, and need not maintain a vacuum, simply run under normal atmospheric pressure to , the operation is relatively simple, but relative to its vacuum boiler in terms of some of the more troublesome, but, with the continuous improvement of technology boiler, vacuum boilers now have a breakthrough progress on its drawbacks, at present, two each there are various advantages, specifically how to choose, you need to examine the actual situation. (2) during operation of the vacuum boiler to take into account the degree of vacuum kept, the linkage may be necessary correlation means, the degree of vacuum once damaged, there may occur an accident boiler; and pressure hot water boiler does not have this condition, however, If individual users according to the actual situation, without permission will be under pressure to use pressure hot water boiler, and that their safety is another matter. (3) Origin pressure hot water boiler will be more, and vacuum hot water boiler due to technical applications is relatively new, and therefore, can produce and produce operating thermal efficiency, higher operating level, which is part of the good reputation boiler manufacturers. In short, the process of vacuum hot water boilers and pressure hot water boiler in the running there will be many figured the place, we will naturally have many differences, during boiler selection, take me to their strengths, based on the actual situation, The merit-based election

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