Automatic 3500Kw Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers

Automatic 3500Kw Oil Fired Hot Water Boilers

City Horizontal Cooperation fuel oil automatic 3500kw fired hot water boilers how much the RMB against you in the process of selection of hot water boiler fuel, will be exposed to many questions. Here, we analyze them with you. Hot water boiler fuel prices are a hot water boiler fuel price, the price of the burner as well, accessories (pump, control panel, the entire valve) synthesized in price. Determine the root causes of hot water boiler fuel prices, probably produced in the included: no similar name, manufacturer, production capacity method, testing, planning, steel and other election. Among the most focus on the root causes are listed below: a, factory productivity of plant productivity, will decide the level of goods. The reason is that a productive company, remove occupied a relatively large amount of industry, with a full skill experience. Secondly, what is the professional product design capability. The degree of planning to compete for the impact of commodity standards are very large. Affected, household commodities reliability, energy savings, reliability, and convenience standards. b, choose steel standard specification steel, commodity production is the ability to focus. Professional standards steel, is to ensure stable oil hot water boiler tightness bear fruit. There are some second-tier brands used does not meet and do not meet the standard steel plate, hot water boiler fuel will cause commodities, poor reliability, high energy consumption, so there is reliable inconvenience for customers, for example, even if the cost of saving the time of purchase, but in addition to Pearl bomb bird. C, automated production equipment production capacity of standard fuel hot water boiler production and processing time of welding, coil, cut, most focus method. These three methods, than workers to operate, the use of automated production equipment production capacity, the advantage is very obvious. The reason is that automated production, with increased precision, minimal fault. This is the big name oil hot water boilers merchandise, better than the name of the key root causes small. The reason is that its production capacity results, but then closer degree of planning, easy to achieve the standard requirements. Step ④, test some of the Chinese market companies, often not subject to the harsh hot water boiler fuel commodity, factory evaluation process evaluation. Manometry end, even for specialized merchandise. This is certainly a very serious responsibility to fulfill. Professional test step, should Baoyun: load verification, validation inert gas, seam welding test, the degree of sealing of the test, there is a trial period cycle. Essential, indispensable. Only so, we can ensure the delivery of professional customers products so that customers in Japan to use the process, reduce the goods in question, affecting the customer's daily production activities. 5, service level most of the second-tier brands, it is no after-sales service. Sale are as commissioned agents. However, most of the agents, no professional team of professionals. After the problems will occur again and again passing the buck, and are often unable to clean up the consequences. Above, that is, hot water boiler fuel prices, the impact of the roots. Normally, there is strength, excellent fuel commodity prices hot water boiler, oil hot water boiler plus burner, almost 700 kilowatts, 100,000 or so.

Finally, He Jinping, vice governor visited our laboratory cleaning boilers, boiler shocked layout in the laboratory, the enterprise to acknowledge in-depth study of the safe operation of the boiler. Prior to departure, He Jinping, vice governor, said: "Your company is active in this research, visit the highest gold content of science and technology, value-added security strongest companies in the field of corporate research you safe operation of special equipment, has exceeded the government. the widespread perception boiler products. "

Basics gas and steam oven basic principle as the principle gas steam boiler and knowledge: steam as a heat carrier gas, forced circulation pump circulating the liquid phase, and then reheated to return, once-special industrial furnace. Widely used, such as petrochemicals, textiles, printing, plastics, rubber, food processing, wood processing, thermal asphalt, carton production, vegetable dehydration, drying, and other drying foundry sand. Gas steam boiler is an energy, security, heating equipment, is an ideal alternative to steam boiler products. The working principle is conveyed back to the respective thermal heating apparatus petroleum oil heater (endothermic) (organic heat), heat conduction through the (thermal energy release), and then returned to the furnace, formation of a closed circle in the process of compulsory to achieve the purpose of heating. Performance and features: 1, low temperature. As the temperature rises conductive oil, the viscosity of the system will continue to reduce resistance to decline, it will also reduce stress, more conducive to the safe operation and safe operation. Steam boiler is high pressure high temperature plume. 2, gas and steam heating system uses hot water inlet and outlet temperatures and equipment is 20-30 degrees, the closed forced circulation, heat recovery can be repeated, there is no waste, high thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect. 3, a low pressure gas and steam heating system, requires pressure equipment and the system will be reduced, and therefore, a simple production process of steam boilers, low investment costs. 4, the thermal efficiency can be maintained at optimal levels in various loads a level of 320 degrees and can adapt to the production requirements of the following types of thermal load, and temperature control can be precisely adjusted. 5, heating furnace to increase two to three times the temperature cycle can provide a wide range of processes, a variety of equipment to meet the different temperatures greatly reduces the need for investment in equipment.

With this knowledge points, easily handle common fault boiler pump gas boiler pump is an important equipment, mainly for replenishment aspects boiler. Once the water pump fails, will first trigger replenishment system abnormalities, then water level gauge, pressure gauge, valve instrument will throughout the spate of error, and thus lead to serious boiler accidents. We have compiled the boiler pump five common faults; mastered them, to help you easily cope with pump failure. A lack of flow causes: Effect of multiple pump flow is insufficient suction pipe leakage, valve leakage bottom; inlet plug; insufficient depth of the bottom valve into the water; the water pump speed is too low; sealing ring or excessive wear of the impeller; and other highly absorbent excessive . Solution: Check the suction pipe with the bottom valve, blocking the leakage source; clean mud inlet at the outlet or plug; end of the valve must be greater than the depth of the water inlet pipe 1.5 times the diameter, to increase the depth of the bottom valve into water; check the power supply voltage, increase pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; reduce the installation position of the pump, or the replacement of the high lift pump. Second, causes excessive power consumption: pump speed is too high; the pump shaft bending or misalignment of the spindle motor or pump shaft and not parallel; inappropriate selection of the pump head; pump suction sediment or obstructions; motor ball bearing damage. Processing Method: check circuit voltage, reducing the pump speed; correct or adjust the relative position of the pump shaft and the pump motor; with a suitable pump head; or clean sediment blockage; three ball bearings replace the motor, pump noise or rattling Cause: pump installation is not strong or high pump installation; motor ball bearing damage; pump shaft and the motor shaft bending or misalignment, and the like are not parallel. Approach: install stable pumps or pump with reduced height; replace motor ball; correction bent pump shaft or adjust the relative position of the pump and motor. Fourth, the motor shaft, or bearing overheating causes: lack of lubrication or bearing rupture. Approach: filling oil or replacement. V. No water causes: pump and suction tube not filled with water; level below the pump filter tube; suction tube rupture. Processing Method: negative end of valve failure, filled with water; reduce the installation position of the pump, so that water drainage pipe under the action, or the like movable liter water filter and then pumping water; the suction pipe repair or replacement

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